Democracy and Its Crisis


Join us for breakfast with A.C. Grayling, philosopher, prolific author, thinker and trusted voice, as he speaks about an urgent exploration of the challenges facing democracy.

Prompted principally by events in recent years in the UK and the USA, but also in Russia and the Middle East, Professor Grayling investigates why the institutions of representative democracy seem unable to sustain themselves against the forces they were designed to manage, and why it matters.

With the advent of authoritarian leaders and the simultaneous rise of populism, representative democracy appears to be caught between a rock and a hard place. Yet it is this space that it must occupy, argues Grayling, if a civilized society, that looks after all its people, is to flourish.

A.C. Grayling is Professor of Philosophy and Master of the New College of the Humanities, London. Among his many books are The God Argument and The Age of Genius. He has contributed regularly to The Times, the Independent, Prospect and the New European, appears frequently on radio and TV, including Newsnight and CNN News, and is a hugely popular speaker at festivals and debates.

Attendees can purchase copies of Democracy and Its Crisis at the breakfast  at a reduced price.

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