Join us for an evening of fine dining and contemporary dance by the rising stars of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Start the evening at the Club Restaurant for a delicious main course, dessert and glass of wine before strolling over to the Dolphin Theatre for the performance of  Unleash.

Every year, WAAPA shines a light on the choreographic talents of its graduating dancers in a series of public performances of their original dance works.

This year’s show, Unleash, features the contemporary dance pieces of ten 3rd Year Dance students, set to original music composed by WAAPA’s Composition and Music Technology students.

Unleash will be performed by students from across WAAPA’s Dance course in the intimate setting of the Dolphin Theatre and their evocative, inventive dance works encompass a wide range of themes, providing a fascinating insight into the interests and concerns of these talented young artists.

These highly creative, 10-minute works navigate the hopes and fears of their young creators covering everything from serious issues and social concerns through to whimsical, comedic subjects, future dystopia and fantasy worlds. Classical and contemporary styles are showcased alongside the incredible output of WAAPA’s talented Composition students.

With such a stimulating diversity of subject material, Unleash promises to be an entertaining evening of contemporary dance from ten exciting young choreographers on the cusp of their professional careers.


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