Parking Permit Authority 2023


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Parking Permit Information and conditions of use

We would like to take this opportunity to advise Members how to park when visiting The University Club of Western Australia. • Please affix your valid University Club parking permit to the bottom left-hand corner (passenger side) of the vehicle windscreen. • Your University Club permit must be affixed to the vehicle to park in Car Park 39 (Under the Club). • Please purchase and display a valid paid parking ticket face up on your dashboard, such that it can be clearly seen from the outside of the vehicle. • Members can park in Car Park 39 (Under the Club) or Car Park 3 (Reid Library) for a maximum of three hours at $2.00 per hour. • Valid ACROD permit holders can park in ACROD bays free of charge. • If the ACROD bays are occupied, valid ACROD permit holders can park in the Staff or Student permit areas free of charge. • Valid ACROD permit holders who park in the paid parking areas must purchase a paid parking ticket, however you are permitted to park for twice the time period shown on the ticket. • If you are not driving your nominated vehicle, you must obtain a temporary parking permit from Club Reception. • The Member undercover parking area is strictly for the use of Members when visiting the University Club. • Parking is free 5:00pm to 8:00am and on weekends. • Please return your University Club permit to reception if you change your vehicle or replace your windscreen so a new permit can be issued. • If you wish to cancel your Membership, you will need to return the parking permit to The University Club. • Guests of Members are not permitted to park in the undercover parking area. • Only one vehicle can be nominated by a Member. Please note that a parking permit does not guarantee a parking bay. Please be aware that university car parks are patrolled on a regular basis to ensure that legal parkers have the best opportunity of finding a bay. All parking on campus is controlled by The University of Western Australia through Unipark under the UWA Land By-Laws. If you are issued with an infringement notice, please refer all enquires to Unipark (6488 1229). You are welcome to inform us of any parking infringement issues; however, The University Club is unable to take any action on your behalf. We look forward to seeing you at the Club soon.
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