Dear Member,

Without a doubt 2020 presented many challenges, however one thing that is certain, is just how important it is to stay connected with one another.

On behalf of The University Club Board and University Club Staff, we sincerely thank you for your continued support of the Club particularly since opening up following the emergence of the pandemic – without which we would not be able to maintain our level of quality and service.

With the support of The University of Western Australia, we’ve been able to act swiftly and have responded to the rapidly changing circumstances of 2020 by putting strategies in place to address the ongoing challenges that the Club, and the hospitality and events sectors face.

However, as a direct result of the impacts of COVID-19, we’ve experienced a significant reduction in the number of events held at the Club along with cancelled memberships. This, combined with reduced numbers of staff and students on campus throughout the year, has meant we have fewer members enjoying the benefits of the Club.

This reduced activity at the Club has required us to consider how we can successfully ensure the long-term sustainability of your Club, post-pandemic.  An important element in doing so will be maintaining a significant level of membership without in any way reducing the level of quality and service we seek to deliver to you.

We know that many members frequently enquire if they can refer family and friends, only to be declined on the basis of having no direct connection to the University. After listening to Club members’ feedback, and considering various options, we believe that the best way forward is to expand our current qualification criteria to allow broader community eligibility, whilst protecting and respecting the integrity and fundamentals of our charter/membership.

We are therefore pleased to share with you the news that the Club will be expanding its membership criteria. This means there’s now an even greater opportunity for your family and friends to join you.

As a valued Club member, you can be assured that we will ensure that any increase in member numbers will not impact on the ambience of the Club or the quality of service provided to members.  Importantly, it will not in any way effect the ability for those who fall within the Club’s original eligibility criteria to join the Club.  Additionally, the Club will keep its members informed on how we are progressing with our membership strategy.

We’re pleased to outline the details of how membership will be expanded, below.

Expansion of Membership

Effective immediately, the eligibility criteria for the Individual category of Membership will be expanded and a new Family Membership category will be created.
These changes will be introduced for a trial basis of two years, after which, a decision will be made whether to retain, cap, adjust or close any or all of these categories.

Individual Membership category eligibility expansion

The eligibility criteria for this category of membership will be expanded to include the following individuals:

  • Parents and grandparents of current UWA students
  • Family and friends of existing members
  • Current academic and professional staff from other   WA universities
  • Local residents and businesses.

Introduction of a Family Membership category

A new category of membership will be introduced to cater for family groups.  The following criteria will apply to this category of membership:

  • The Family Membership must be attached to a full fee-paying active member. (Primary Member)
  • The Family Membership must comprise of a minimum of 4 direct family members and can include the Primary Member’s spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings and children.
  • Each member within the Family Membership must already meet the eligibility criteria applicable to the Individual category of Membership. (see above)

Family Membership Fees

  • The Primary Member will pay the full Individual joining fee ($385) in addition to an annual subscription fee ($294)
  • All other nominees within this Membership will have the joining fee waived and will pay $150 subscription per person, per year.
  • Current Members are welcome to apply for this category of Membership and will not be required to pay the joining fee

How you can help

Nominate your family and friends and receive a $100 Club voucher!

The success of any Club relies on the support and contributions of existing members to ensure it flourishes.

As such, we are encouraging members to nominate your family and friends and, in turn, enhance your circle of members and help us to maintain our diverse membership base.

For your ease, you may like to use the online Ambassador Program Referral form to nominate.

Club Members who successfully nominate new members through this program will receive a $100 Club voucher for each successful application received.


Nominate a New Member Here

We look forward to welcoming your family and friends as we develop ongoing strategies to ensure you continue to fully benefit from your membership.

Together, let’s ensure our Club can continue to offer the excellent service and facilities that is known for, and enable it to meet the needs and expectations of our members and into the future.
A link to a FAQ sheet can be found below, however, as always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Club.

Regards and best wishes.

Mark and Gary