For over 50 years, the Hallett family have been farming grapes in Franklin River, building more than just a prime vineyard but a family legacy with three generations now working together to produce a premium product.

Owners Sandy and Rod Hallett have been nurturing and growing the family business over the past 11 years to create authentic wines. 

 Each vintage crafted captures a moment in time, to create conversation and make special memories. 

The last 11 years of ownership have seen many changes, celebrating many successes and overcoming the hard and trying times of agriculture and the wine industry.

“From our family dinner table to yours, we encourage you to enjoy these wines with wholesome food, lots of laughter and the ones you love.”
– Sandy + Rod Hallett

Join us for a wonderful evening of Alkoomi wines, matched perfectly to four-courses specially designed by the Clubs Executive, Chef Costa Simatos