Breakfast by the Bay
Building bridges to save our planet: Climate change and intergenerational justice

Climate change is an inherently intergenerational problem.

The nature of the challenge dictates that the effect of climate action taken today will likely only be felt many years from now, while the cost of reducing emissions have to be borne today. This has serious implications for justice between the current and future generations.

Young people around the world have caught onto the fact that their future lies in the hands of today’s leaders – and that their inability to look beyond the horizon of their own lifetime may just be why advancing climate action is so hard. This in turn has major impacts on the mental health of the younger generation, as the experience of a sense of hopelessness and helplessness in relation to the future has been linked to depression, anxiety and other mental ill-health outcomes.

Join us for breakfast as our expert panel explore ways of bridging the disconnect between generations in addressing climate change.

Price includes a two-course sit-down breakfast and panel discussion.

This event is held in partnership with the UWA Public Policy Institute.