Join the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Western Australia as they present The Grand Duke, a breezy romp full of catchy tunes and imaginative absurdity.

The Grand Duke is G&S’s final collaboration and a must-see for light opera and musical theatre fans

A theatrical troupe of actors comically conspires to take over the Grand Duchy of Pfennig-Halbpfennig but is caught out by the Grand Duke’s detective. To save the company, a statutory duel is suggested between Ernest, the troupe’s manager and his leading comedian Ludwig. Drawing playing cards instead of weapons, whoever draws the lower card is deemed the loser and will confess to the plot.

Things go awry when the unhappy Grand Duke Rudolph hears of the conspiracy (but not the details) and impulsively takes part in a second statutory duel…

With four fiancées complicating matters but only one leading man – who really has the right to rule?

Featuring the quick wit and farce-talking humour of WS Gilbert with the infectious energy of Arthur Sullivan’s music, make sure you take a spin on the roulette wheel for this can-can-can romantic comedy.

The evening will start in the Club Restaurant with a delicious main course and glass of house wine before moving to the Dolphin Theatre for the show which commences at 7.30 pm.

The Grand Duke duration:  2h 30m including one interval

“The Grand Duke is one of the most enjoyable Gilbert & Sullivan operettas.” –

“Thoroughly entertaining, with plenty of jokes and catchy tunes.” – UK Theatre Network