Will there be a maximum or cap on membership numbers to ensure the quality and level of service and offerings?

Yes, however it is has been clearly demonstrated that the Club can comfortably service an additional 1500 members – that being equal to when the Membership was at its peak in 2013 and at which time, utilisation mapping suggested a further 500 members could be comfortably accommodated.

Although highly unlikely, if the Club found itself in the position of having infilled those numbers lost – measures would be put in place to protect access to membership to prospective staff and alumni.

What happens to the other members if the Primary Member of the Family Membership does not continue their membership (e.g. – resign membership, dies, unable to pay membership etc.)?

If the family group wishes to maintain the Family Membership, an existing Member of the family group can take over the primary member role (primary member fees will apply to this transition), however, this remains subject to the minimum numbers (4 persons) being maintained. Alternatively, each member within the group can transition to an Individual Membership at which – Individual Membership fees will become applicable. Note: no joining fee will be required.

What do prospective non-UWA graduate members need to present with their application to confirm their eligibility, e.g. – parents, grandparents, family, friends, academics, and professional staff?

In addition to a completed Membership application form, applicants’ will be required to provide the following:

  • Parents of existing UWA students will need to provide proof of their child’s current enrolment of UWA.
  • Friends and Family Members of existing Club Members will need to provide a letter of introduction from the nominating Member.
  • Academics and Professional staff of other WA Universities will be required to provide proof of current employment from that institution.
  • Local residents will be required to show proof of their current residential address.
  • Local Business employees will be required to show proof of their current business address.

Will there be monitoring of the membership numbers during the trial and will members be kept informed?

Yes.  Close monitoring of membership numbers already occurs within the University Club and this will continue.   After the two year trial period concludes, a decision will be made whether to retain and/or to cap the annual uptake of this category per year.

 The Club will keep Members’ informed of the progress of this Membership strategy on a regular basis

What is the difference between Local Business Individual and Corporate Membership?

Local Business Membership entitles those employed by local businesses to join the Club under the Individual category of Membership. 

This category of Membership is for personal use only and does not offer the local business conference & banqueting discounts applicable to Corporate Membership.

Local Businesses will now be eligible to take up Corporate Membership to the Club.  More information on this category of Membership can be found at https://universityclub.uwa.edu.au/membership/joining-the-club/  


Should you have any queries or comments please  do not hesitate to contact the Membership Department on 6488 8770 or via email to membership@universityclub.uwa.edu.au