• The Club’s Take-Away Meals

You can now enjoy our award-winning food in the comfort of your own home with our new family-sized takeaway meals which are freshly cooked and available to purchase from the display fridge in the Club Cafe and Bar.

Suitable for 3 to 4 serves, all you have to do is reheat and enjoy.

Current Menu:

1ltr Soup Selection ($15.00)

Butternut Pumpkin, Shallot and Ginger Soup with Sour Cream
Butternut pumpkin/ shallots/ginger/vegetable stock/coconut milk/ sour cream

Roasted Tomato and Capsicum with Basil Pesto (gf/v/halal)
Roma tomatoes/red capsicum/olive oil/red onions/garlic/salt and pepper/basil/parmesan/pine nuts

Cream of Mushroom with White Truffle Oil (gf/v/halal)
Button Mushrooms/ Vegetable Stock/ Cream/salt and pepper/nutmeg/ GS Truffle Oil

Main Course Selection ($25.00)

Hungarian Style Beef, Potato, Carrot and Smokey Paprika Goulash (gf/halal)
Diced beef/crushed tomatoes/ garlic/thyme/beef stock/smoked paprika/ salt and pepper/canola oil

Boneless Lamb Korma (gf/halal)
Boneless lamb/yoghurt/spice mix/onions/cashews/garlic/ginger/coriander/cardamom/salt and pepper

Turkey, Mushroom and Potato Fricassee with Dijon Mustard and Parsley (gf)
Diced turkey, button mushrooms, potatoes, Dijon mustard, chicken stock/cream/salt and pepper/parsley/canoa oil

Butter Chicken, Pea and Potato Curry (halal/dairy free)
Free range chicken/almonds/canola oil/ tomato puree/salt/tamarind/garlic/ginger/onion/coriander/paprika/potatoes/ peas/coriander

Pork Chilli Con Carne
Free Range pork mince /chilli flakes/ dried herbs /garlic/onions/tomatoes/mixed beans/ sweet corn/capsicum /canola oil/salt and pepper/tomatoes

Beef Meatballs Baked in a Rich Tomato Sugo
Beef meatballs/dried herbs/garlic/onions/tomato sugo/mozzarella/parmesan/salt and pepper/parsley/canola oil

Jackfruit, Tomato and Sweet Potato Casserole (gf/vegan/halal)
Jackfruit/crushed tomatoes/herbs/sweet potatoes/garlic/onion/salt and pepper/canola oil

Oven Baked Spinach and Three Cheese Cannelloni (v/halal)
Ricotta/parmesan/mozzarella/spinach/flour/egg/breadcrumbs/water/garlic/ crushed tomatoes/ basil/onion/olive oil/parsley

Online ordering is coming soon!

Bon Appetit!