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2021 Morlet ‘Delicious’ Rosé

Description: Morlet's Rosé is carefully crafted with enough body and lots of fruit for a lasting, sophisticated drink. (6 bottles)

Price: $168.00


2014 Morlet 8th Deadly Zinfandel

Description: The taste is rich and satisfying. Heat from the alcohol is evident but is balanced by fruit and wood ageing. (6 bottles)

Price: $192.00


2015 Morlet Reserve Zinfandel

Description: Although Margaret River Zinfandel is uncommon, it is an exciting style of wine which will delight your pallet. (6 bottles)

Price: $360.00


2015 Morlet Merlot Petit Verdot

Description: Enjoy the vibrant rich colour and smooth rounded berry flavours, nicely integrated with a touch of Petit Verdot which provides a robust backbone. (6 bottles)

Price: $210.00