New Graduate Membership activation form.

Congratulations on your recent graduation from the University of Western Australia. To activate your 12-month gift of University Club Membership, please complete the activation form. This gift of Membership must be activated by the date noted on your letter from the University Club of Western Australia.

Personal Details

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Our Membership team will keep you up to date with all of the University Club news, events and promotions.

Members Parking Bays - Vehicle Details

Please complete this section if you wish to receive a parking permit for the University Club's Members' parking bays. Please note that parking fees apply, are subject to availability and can only be used when visiting the Club.
Club Account Request(Required)
Members with valid payment details on file are able to charge incidental expenditures such as food and beverage purchases and member events to their Member accounts. Incidental charges will be automatically cleared on the 20th of each month.
Settlement Details - only complete if you would like a Club Account
Please provide your preferred payment method. If you wish to pay via a credit or debit card, please do not provide details in this form. We will contact you to confirm card details in person.


Terms: This is a fixed-term category of Membership valid for 12 months from the date of activation. • The Membership must be activated by the date indicated on the notification letter from the University Club. • Membership suspension does not apply to this category of Membership. • Due to licensing restrictions, new graduates who intend to continue with undergraduate study at the University of Western Australia will be unable to join the Club whilst enrolled as undergraduate students. Conditions: Membership Card: I agree to carry and present my Membership Card when visiting the Club. • Assumptions of Liability: It is understood that Membership of the Club does not confer upon me any ownership or liability for the property and assets owned by the Club. • I agree that I am responsible for the charges incurred by me and my guests in the use of the facilities and amenities of The University Club of Western Australia


I have read and understand both the Terms and Conditions of Membership and agree that acceptance of the Membership application implies that I accept the By-Laws and Regulations of The University Club.


Our Membership team will be in touch with you soon. We look forward to seeing you at the Club.